• The vertical effect of section 27 of the Employment Equity Act

Working Paper 1/2015 | Author: Ruediger Helm | Download


  • Non-standard employment and labour legislation: The outlines of a strategy

    Monograph 1/2014 | Author: Jan Theron | Download


  • 'Nothing about us without us': A case study of the dynamics of the informal workplace at Mitchell's Plain Town Centre

    Monograph 1/2012 | Authors: Pamhidzai Bamu & Jan Theron | Download

  • The prospects of decent work in municipal services: Case studies in care work and waste management​

    Monograph 2/2012 | Authors: Jan Theron and Teresa Perez Download


  • Keywords for a 21st Century Workplace

    Monograph 1/2011 | Authors: Jan Theron with Shane Godfrey and Margareet Visser | Download


  • The Right to Development in Comparative Law: The Pressing Need for National Implementation

    Monograph 1/2010 | Author: Bertrand G. Ramcharan | Download


  • The World of Work: Forms of engagement in South Africa

    Monograph 2/2009 | Author: Rochelle Le Roux | Download

  • Remember me when your ship comes in: Cooperatives and the need to shift from a wage culture

    Monograph 1/2009 | Authors: Jan Theron with Margareet Visser | Download


  • Social Security Fragmentation in Tanzania: The Challenge of Governance

    Monograph 1/2008 | Authors: Tulia Ackson, Evance Kalula & Bonaventure Rutinwa | Download

  • Freedom of Association and Trade Unionism in South Africa: From Apartheid to The Democratic Constitutional Order

    Monograph 2/2008 | Authors: Mpfariseni Budeli, Evance Kalula & Chucks Okpaluba | Download


  • Black Economic Empowerment in South Africa: A Critical Appraisal

    Monograph 1/2007 | Authors: Andrea M'Paradzi & Evance Kalula | Download

  • Employee Polygraph Testing in the South African Workplace

    Monograph 2/2007 | Authors: Anne Scheithauer & Evance Kalula | Download

  • Occupational Health and Safety in the SADC Region: Exploring an Economic Approach

    Occasional paper 1/2007 | Author: Zolomphi Nkowani | Download


  • The Rise of Labour Broking and Its Policy Implications

    Monograph 1/2005 | Authors: J. Theron with S.Godfrey and P. Lewis | not available

  • On The Outskirts But Still in Fashion: Homeworking in the South African clothing industry: The challenge to organisation and regulation

    Monograph 2/2005 | Authors: J. Theron with S.Godfrey and P. Lewis | not available

  • Reforming the Microcredit Industry in South Africa: Will the proposed National Credit Bill address existing problems and developmental concerns?

    Occasional Paper 1/2005 | Authors: P Bamu and D Collier | not available